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The mission of Walsh Public Relations is to meet the needs of our clients and provide them with the best total public relations representation. Our efforts will not cease in our quest to achieve the results outlined for each of the companies, products or individuals we represent. By performing to the highest expectations in every element of PR, including product promotion and corporate image, our clients will shine and Walsh Public Relations will be the agency responsible for pointing the spotlight on them. Walsh Public Relations defines PR as a means to establish an effective and efficient movement of information from a company to target audiences and to create and seize the opportunities to increase awareness of a company, product, service or individual. By enhancing profiles, establishing corporate images or promoting the people, products and services of a company, a comprehensive PR program at Walsh Public Relations supports the overall strategy of a company and is an integral part of a marketing and business management philosophy. The efforts of Walsh Public Relations are proactive and prepared for media coverage, while resourceful and aggressive enough to carefully nurture long-term success and high profile industry and consumer status for our clients. Your purpose for PR is Walsh Public Relations’ specialty.


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