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When Pat Fearey set up shop 35 years ago, she was a renegade. In a male-dominated industry she proved it wasn’t about which clubs you belonged to, it was about real relationships and fearless thinking. In the years that followed The Fearey Group became one of the most respected PR firms in the region.

In 2005, Pat hired Aaron Blank. Aaron quickly worked his way up the ranks and in 2012, he took over as president of the agency. On January 1, 2014, Aaron became owner and CEO. He has grown and expanded the firm nationally and globally, primarily through his focus on innovation and quality – and in making sure that The Fearey Group keeps that renegade mentality.

These days, we are driven by two mottos: “Fearless thinking” and “Never eat lunch alone.” We’re found all over town, meeting with reporters, clients, and other influencers and friends, maintaining and building long-lasting relationships that matter. In fact, our mission is to build trusting and enduring relationships, one conversation at a time.


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