About company


We are smart, efficient, nimble and results driven.  And extremely social to boot.

SBC Inc.:

  • Loves research (bring on the audits), math, spreadsheets, and real results; 
  • Believes that “PR” is much more than press relations, but a holistic approach to building and maintaining relationships with the audiences that matter to you; and
  • Creates and implements (if you need it) your integrated social PR strategy, with a view to bottom-line results (and that holds true whether you’re a for- or non-profit organization).

In sum, SBC Inc. helps you approach your business communication holistically; by beginning at the end (what do you want to accomplish?), by integrating into your strategy the online and offline tactics that make the most sense for you (not anyone else), by involving, educating and empowering your community (or the community you want to grow) from Day One, and with a view to achieving the results that make the most business sense.

We call this going from corporate codswallop to community cool™.


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