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We were there during the era of super-restaurants and when the first celebrity chefs burst onto the scene; we were there when the first gastropubs began to set the tone for modern, casual dining; and we were there when the first style bars kickstarted today’s burgeoning cocktail culture.

In fact, we were more than just there. We’ve worked directly alongside the most innovative operators, the most inventive venues, and the most groundbreaking brands: whether you’re talking fine dining, casual dining, experimental mixology or just a great pub.

Today, the public’s expectations when they eat out are increasingly sophisticated and competition between bars and restaurants for their custom is unprecedented.

At the same time the media has changed drastically. No longer do national newspaper critics rule the roost, there are food and drink columns in practically every magazine, and we’re in a world where bloggers and social networking foodies are just as powerful as journalists.

Restaurants and bars are our world. We understand them, how they work, and how to make a success of them. We’re proud we’re still chosen by so many leading bars, restaurant, hotel and pub operators to guide them through the initial stages of their business and to partner with them for the long term. And we’re ready for the opportunities that the future will bring.


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