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Reed Public Relations
1720 West End Ave. Nashville Tennessee United States 37203
Lauren Reed (President & Founder) view profile

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Reed Public Relations is a PR and marketing agency based in Nashville, Tennessee. We have a smart and relentless team that works with brands across the country and lives to overdeliver for our clients. Our team is nimble with an entrepreneurial spirit and feet on the street energy. We love smart PR and marketing campaigns. We always deliver strategies in tune with your goals, not ours. Our brains move at a fast pace – it’s what makes us so good – so try and keep up. 

Time is our most precious commodity and we’re not going to waste it on campaigns we don’t believe in. It’s more important for us to be undeniably good than really, really big. And you can only be the level of good that we expect if you have passion. We truly love what we do and the fact that the majority of our client relationships are long-term is a testament to our commitment to excellence.




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