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Rasky Partners is a nationally recognized public and government relations firm with nearly three decades of experience providing exceptional client service to organizations that operate at the intersection of business, politics and media. With offices in Boston and Washington, DC, the firm offers a comprehensive range of services and works with a wide array of clients that include Fortune 500 and emerging market companies, trade associations, coalitions, nonprofits and foreign governments.  

The firm’s staff of approximately 50 seasoned experts is committed to protecting and building the reputations of our clients by communicating effectively when it matters most. Our shared vision and philosophy is simple – bring together seriously smart people with backgrounds in business, government, law, the media and digital services to develop and execute strategic communications and public affairs programs that get results.  

As an independent firm, Rasky Partners has the flexibility and the resources to address complex communications challenges with a commitment to serve our clients’ interests first. We are dedicated to providing consistent hands-on engagement from firm principals. Each client team – including the senior professionals – is highly engaged, from the beginning to the end, in the development and execution of strategy, messages and tactics.


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