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2724 N. Sacramento Ave. Chicago Illinois United States 60647
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Purple Group, assumed name for LopezMartin & Associates, is a full‐service strategic marketing communications and advertising firm that leverages its cultural expertise in the Hispanic, multicultural, and total markets to develop powerfully engaging messages that maximize results.

Multicultural is the appreciation and acceptance of different cultures that remain distinct and separate. Today, our society has gone beyond multicultural to become a new America whose new culture is a tapestry of interwoven cultures. In effect, the new American is a blending of color, race, values, and traits adopted from Hispanics, African Americans, Whites, and Asian cultures, creating something new…we call it Purple.

Purple is the new America. The PurpleGroup understands the complexity of this new consumer group and has the means and expertise to address it while responding to the needs of the current multicultural landscape. We invite you to Think. See. Be Purple!


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