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Purple Strategies
815 Slaters Ln. Alexandria Virginia United States 22314-1219
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So many scores. No path forward. There are a lot of reputation tools out there – including scores, lists and rankings. But they’re static, and we live in a dynamic world.

The Purple Ascendancy™ Principle is our unique approach to managing reputation for better business results tomorrow.

It’s not a score. It’s a road map. The Purple Ascendancy Principle gives you alternatives to consider in order to grow through reputation management. You won’t simply find out where you stand. Understanding howand why you got there, you’ll learn what options you have to move forward.

The Ascendancy Principle can be applied to a broad range of reputation scenarios – from creating competitive advantage through reputation assertion, building advocacy, to managing through reputation challenges and genuine crises. And no matter what your current situation, we will help you to define, understand, measure, analyze and manage your assets toward positive business outcomes.

The key here is the Ascendancy Principle is not a one-size-fits-all measure. We consider context, because no two situations are the same. Your outcomes aren’t driven by the same factors as what drives someone in another industry or even your closest competitor. The Ascendancy Principle delivers business value to your unique situation.


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