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Beware the agency that tells you it is all about the work. It sounds good—often accompanied by dazzling creative in a seamless pitch—until you start paying for the Pyrrhic victories of impressive but disjointed efforts, narcissistic star trips and high attrition rates that result from that mentality and culture.

The fact is, unless great work is informed and delivered by a process that is consistent, stable and deeply immersed in the insights, strategic needs and long-term business objectives of a client, it will slowly return ever-diminishing results for ever-increasing costs.

Success does not come from a single deliverable—or even a single campaign. In the endless flood of messaging today’s consumers must wade through, even amazing creativity is quickly washed from their consciousness by relentless torrents of information. Truly sustainable engagement results from the consistency and deeper understandings that grow from close strategic partnerships and collaboration.


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