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Founded in 1994 the PlowShare Group has grown to become the second largest distributor of public service advertising in the nation. While we offer a range of services similar to what you'll find at any full-service advertising agency, our core services include public service strategic media distribution, media outreach and media usage tracking and evaluation.

Rather than relying on an inefficient PSA approach of mass distribution, PlowShare utilizes innovative media outreach strategies in combination with technology to develop custom programs tailored to our clients' goals, objectives and budgets. Furthermore, we have developed a number of exclusive media partnerships, as well as a paid/pro bono hybrid model, which provide media placement control during periods where targeted visibility is required.

With a history of developing and distributing successful PSA campaigns for many of the nation's best-known nonprofits and government agencies, we've developed a reputation for excellence. Our core values are anchored in integrity, creativity and accountability. This is an agency that works diligently to weather challenges, provide and adhere to reasonable budgets, and generate maximum media results for your investment.

PlowShare's success can be attributed to several factors: outstanding client service, innovative technology and significant results. The fact that many of our clients remain on the roster year after year is perhaps the greatest compliment we have received. In fact, the World Wildlife Fund, US EPA and American Red Cross have been clients since the agency's inception.


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