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Paul Furiga
611 William Penn Place Suite 501 Pittsburgh Pennsylvania United States 15219
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As Pittsburgh’s only pure PR agency, WordWrite Communications LLC helps clients share their great, untold stories with everyone who needs to see, hear and experience them. WordWrite clients range from start-ups to Fortune 1000 and global firms. They share a fundamental belief in the value of two-way communications and authentic stories told by fluent storytellers. WordWrite clients include Allstate, Fragasso Financial Advisors, Kennametal, Koppers Inc., MedExpress, MPW Industrial Services and Pfizer Inc.
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 For two decades, story has infused everything we do at WordWrite. Our collaboration with clients has taught us that a Capital S story that’s successfully uncovered, developed and shared creates the best branding possible.

We’re passionate about storytelling and committed to being honest brokers of communications, Our clients’ success since 2002 proves that the power of authentic, well-developed stories moves hearts and minds and delivers results.

We’re explorers. We seek to learn — about our clients, their challenges, their successes. We’re excited about what our clients do and driven to deliver results. We have an insatiable hunger to question the boundaries of what we know, and as we challenge those limits, we provide benefits to our clients and to society.

Why story? Because before you had a brand, you had a story. Before you had an idea or product or service, you had a story. Before you hired your first employee, made your first million, hit whatever first milestone matters to you and your organization, you had a dream, a passion — a vision. And you told whoever would listen over and over and over again the story of your dream, painting a picture, hitting the right notes and creating an infectious feeling that had others tagging along and signing up.

Let our storytelling team help you explore the next chapter in your great, untold story.


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