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Oliver Schrott Kommunikation GmbH
An den Dominikanern 11-27 Cologne Germany 50668
+49 221 3390-0
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Oliver Schrott Kommu­nika­tion is prob­ably the least well-known major PR agency in Germany. Firstly, this is because we would rather talk about our clients’ topics than about ourselves; secondly, because we conduct over half of our projects abroad and, thirdly, because our modus operandi is not exactly typical for the sector. We operate way beyond the method­ology of classic PR. We create settings for topics and messages, conceive chal­lenging events, design exhi­bi­tions and brand envi­ron­ments and realize complex projects that speak in equal measure to the media, employees, busi­ness part­ners and customers.

For us, commu­ni­ca­tion is not a matter of theo­ret­ical defi­ni­tion and the bound­aries between various disci­plines. It is purely and simply the best way to trans­late a company, a brand or a product into concise messages and to convey these to their target groups in the most effi­cient manner possible.

After 20 years of expe­ri­ence in the market, our conclu­sion is unequiv­ocal - clients are less and less inter­ested in “how” they achieve success in commu­ni­ca­tion, but rather in “how quickly”. The reason behind this - the dynamics of global compe­ti­tion and the speed of internal corpo­rate changes leave compa­nies and agen­cies little time for lengthy strategy processes.

Our objective: public relevance™

Today, the average consumer is bombarded by around 3,000 adver­tising messages every day. Obvi­ously, only very little of these are retained.

There­fore, it is our job to bring rele­vance to the public discus­sion surrounding compa­nies, brands, prod­ucts, tech­nolo­gies and issues, and thereby to ensure that messages are heard. Classic PR is at the core of a whole package of measures — from media-appro­priate visu­al­iza­tion of subject matter to emotive presen­ta­tion or inte­gra­tion into larger overall brand envi­ron­ments.

In achieving success for our clients, we mix a jour­nal­istic approach with the prin­ci­ples of PR and marketing commu­ni­ca­tions method­ology - frequently going above and beyond. The agency team also includes designers and archi­tects, hotel special­ists and event experts, lawyers, and tech­nology, soft­ware and logis­tics profes­sionals, who work together to conceive, plan, realize and manage demanding projects throughout the world.

Our recipe for success - specialization and continuity

No agency can be equally good in all fields. There­fore, Oliver Schrott Kommu­nika­tion has special­ized its activ­i­ties on six sectors, in which we hold many years of proven exper­tise - auto­mo­tive, trans­porta­tion & logis­tics, tech­nology & indus­trial goods, energy & envi­ron­ment, consumer prod­ucts & elec­tronics and luxury & lifestyle.

In an eval­u­a­tion by “PR Journal,” OSK has paved the way in German agency prac­tices, placing first in the auto­mo­tive industry and leading in envi­ron­mental PR as well as PR for capital goods. In addi­tion, we have ranked among the leading German agen­­cies
in the PR disci­­plines “Internal commu­ni­­ca­­tion” (Rank 1), “Events” (Rank 2), “Mul­ti­­media/Online” (Rank 2), “PR Consul­­tancy“ (Rank 4) and “Social Media” (Rank 5).

Customer satis­fac­tion is, however, not only reflected in the figures, but, more impor­tantly, in the endurance of our customer rela­tion­ships, which are among the longest is the industry. One contrib­u­tory factor is the agency’s low staff turnover, which guar­an­tees our clients conti­nuity in their personal contacts over many years. In 2004, our human resource manage­ment made us the first German PR and event agency to be awarded the “Top Job” seal of approval, as one of the 100 best medium-sized employers in Germany.

Our mantra: quality “made in Germany” - worldwide

Since 1993, we have real­ized more than 300 inter­na­tional projects for our clients in above 40 states across four conti­nents - from PR events through exhi­bi­tion appear­ances to global road­shows. US trade publi­ca­tion “Holmes Report” ranks us at number 10 in its list of the largest Westeu­ro­pean PR agen­cies.

We prefer not to work with a network or specific part­ners, but rather with the best local suppliers for each project and every require­ment. Project manage­ment is also handled locally by our own people and teams in order to ensure our high stan­dards of quality, the precise imple­men­ta­tion of concepts and seam­less commu­ni­ca­tion with the client.


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