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Krupp Kommunications, Inc.
636 Ave of the Americas, 4th Floor New York New York United States 10011
212 886 6700
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Our clients typically share their wish for deeper engagement with their targets, a need to launch their newest ideas, or something along those lines.

But once we dig deeper, they realize that what they really want is to motivate, inspire, persuade, inform and entertain – all so they can sell more to more people more often.

We bring value to our relationships by taking a holistic approach to learning and understanding your business. Then, by immersing ourselves in all aspects of your brand, we bring you intelligent business solutions that add value and increase ROI. We act as a seamless extension of your marketing department amplifying your message to the media and the marketplace.

Public relations today is a different animal than it was even just a few short years ago. Strategic public relations is as crucial of a component as any other within your marketing arsenal. With the ubiquitous nature of information delivered today, one’s ability to cut through the clutter and deliver the proper message, to the proper audience at the speed of business, can be the difference between success and failure.

We identify the difference that makes the difference and turn up the volume grabbing the ear of the media sharing your message through the noise to reach the masses.


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