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685 Third Avenue, 2nd Floor New York New York United States 10017
646 277 1200
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A Top 5 agency, ICR offers PR & IR services with an unmatched blend of business acumen & media savvy

When you’re a public company or on track to become one, the capital markets and the media won’t wait to form opinions – opinions that will have a direct bearing on reputation, business, prospects, and equity value. In today’s world, where information is instantaneous and audiences judge news in a split second, corporate leaders must control the narrative. We’re here to do just that.

ICR has risen to the top ranks of strategic communications and advisory firms on the strength of experience and relationships. Many on our team have worked in senior positions on Wall Street so we not only have extensive capital markets experience, but we also have a powerful network of industry connections – investment bankers, fund managers, analysts, private equity firms. We know the people who make a difference, we understand their perspective, and we know how to engage them.

Our Wall Street experience is balanced by other team members who came up through careers in journalism and communications and we maintain strong relationships with key influencers in the business media. ICR may be the only firm in which investor relations, corporate communications and advisory are so tightly integrated by specialized senior teams, and as a result, your transactions and messaging are better aligned behind business objectives. This ultimately drives equity value, reduces capital costs, and allows for investment in future growth. We uniquely understand that this is how management teams of publicly traded companies will ultimately be judged.

Our clients range from emerging, pre-IPO companies to mature multinationals and span virtually all major industry sectors. They seek our counsel in a variety of situations where the stakes are the highest, whether it’s preparing for an IPO, paving the way for a merger, managing a crisis, rebuilding a reputation, or communicating a significant change in a business model or strategy.


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