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Proficiency in working with today’s evolving, dynamic media and a synergistic understanding of business-to-business, consumer, and healthcare marketing, are just the starting points of what HB&M has to offer clients.

Strategic planning, knowledgeable branding, and creatively executed communications programs are “givens” that we provide to clients at a consistently professional level.

But to the point of difference, in today’s marketing environment, it’s rarely a one-agency-fits-all situation. Many marketing communications firms are too big to provide the personalized focus on client needs that forge truly productive client-agency relationships. Others are too specialized, too technology-oriented, or too small to contribute in an effective way to the client’s need for scale, vision, and growth.

At HB&M, a balance exists that works for both client and agency.
This is evidenced by the longevity and quality of our relationships with our clients, as they have grown and achieved continuing success in highly competitive businesses.

The HB&M balance – of diverse experience, intelligent creativity, effective size, and commitment to personalized service – has proven to be a successful point of difference for HB&M, and a major factor in successful marketing communications for our clients.


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