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Gehrung Associates
63 Emerald Street, Suite 170 Keene New Hampshire United States 03431
603 352 5300
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Gehrung Associates is the nation’s first firm to see to the marketing needs of higher education institutions in the United States. Begun in 1972, the agency has assisted more than 250 distinguished colleges, universities, research institutes, business schools, medical centers and think tanks in the United States, Canada and Great Britain.

Generating media exposure and name recognition.

Gehrung Associates routinely generates top-tier coverage for our clients. As a result, they enjoy the benefits that are derived from the extremely valuable exposure in such august media as The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Associated Press, Financial Times, The Economist and the major television networks and weekly news magazines, as well as on National Public Radio and in the Chronicle of Higher Education and other similar trade publications. We bring a creative and stimulating atmosphere to the marketing and public relations offices with whom we work. Since most of our clients are involved with either higher education or research-oriented institutions, we have an unrivaled knowledge of the nuances and complexities involved in dealing with such institutions, and how to most effectively serve them.


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