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Full Court Press Communications
1624 Franklin St. Ste 1200 Oakland California United States 94612
510 271 0640
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We are a public affairs, public relations, crisis communications and social media firm that works relentlessly in pursuit of our client’s vision of success. We live by a “get it done” work ethic, and are committed to tirelessly helping our clients achieve their goals by listening, learning, and implementing together.

Our communications philosophy rests on the reality that the current media landscape is ever evolving. People find their news in many different places – from the local paper, on the TV or radio, through blogs and social media, or from a friend or family member.

In this environment, the key to success is to identify a target audience and surround them with effective messaging. As part of your team, we’ll work together to identify those audiences, build focused messaging, and relentlessly execute a strategic plan of action.

Our experience working with foundations, non-profits, political campaigns, advocacy, government service, start-ups and corporations means that we know how to get results that shape debate, influence opinions, and achieve social change.


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