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328 S. Jefferson St., Suite 750 Chicago Illinois United States 60661
312 258 9500
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FoodMinds is a consulting and communications company boldly transforming the world view of food, nutrition and health. We harness communications, science and public affairs to establish unique selling propositions and produce novel food and nutrition programs. We challenge the status quo to create breakthrough strategies, expertly navigating food and nutrition science, policy and communications to help our clients tell a better story in grocery aisles and, board rooms, at science meetings, on blogs and beyond. We create pathways for new opportunities and growth that transfer perceptions and influence decisions and action. In short, we don’t just tell your story better – we help you tell a better story that makes a difference.

FoodMinds brings together the right mix of talented, seasoned and motivated professionals – from registered dietitians, consumer marketers and media strategists to PhDs, science writers and public affairs experts – to shape a new food frontier with our clients where people are healthier and happier.


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