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Crosswind Media & Public Relations
701 Brazos Street, Suite 1100 Austin Texas United States 78701
855 204 6620
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Thomas Graham (President & CEO)

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Our home is Texas. We are fiercely committed to our clients, still do business on a handshake, and are likely to wear our riding boots to meetings. 

We are proud of our state, and there are stories fresh out of Texas that daily stun and excite the world.  We are happy to manage those media events and are actively engaged this year with reporters, editors and producers across five continents. 

We also put out a friendly hand to those international companies that have opened up a headquarters or center here in Texas and need help navigating the state for the first time.  No one knows the political landscape in Texas as well as Crosswind. 

Our proven expertise in media strategy, corporate reputation and brand enrichment is focused on the most important of today's currencies: TRUST. Because, where we're from, your word is your bond.

At Crosswind, we believe in the power of public participation at every step along the way. We believe that an engaged and informed community will create an environment rich with opportunities for success.

Our team is comprised of senior professionals who have chosen our particular paths out of a love for the work we do and the clients we serve.

We bring a passion for the art of persuasion and a commitment to client service to our work. 


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