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Colangelo & Partners
1010 Avenue of the Americas, Suite 300 New York New York United States 10018
646 624 2885
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Ask industry insiders where to turn for the best food & beverage marketing services, and Colangelo & Partners is sure to enter the conversation. Over the last 9+ years, we have steadily grown our client base from smaller, entrepreneurial brands to include regional and national institutions, ranging from the trade commissions of Spain and South Africa to global brands such as Sapporo and Slow Wine.

We believe integrated communications is the key to propelling a brand’s story across the modern media landscape: From press to trade to consumer, from print to web and social, from New York to Capetown to Bordeaux. With an international clientele and worldly employee culture, Colangelo & Partners provides an ideal fit for premium, artisan brands seeking to build their businesses in the US and beyond.



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