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Finance is different. Different in the central role it plays in powering the economy, in facilitating global trade, and in backing entrepreneurial growth. Different in the scale of the risks it represents for society and in the degree and international nature of its regulation. Different in the technological challenges it now faces to boost efficiency and make financial services companies relevant to mobile, socially-savvy customers. Different in the exceptionally long-term nature of some of the investment products and advice it offers.

That means that communications and marketing for the financial services industry need to be different too. Different in knowing how to reach both wary consumers and cynical, time-poor business audiences. Different in grasping how quickly corporate reputations can be endangered. Different in measuring the effectiveness of marketing campaigns with powerful tools to make the case for marketing investment in firms’ business strategies. Different in packaging complex products and thought leadership expertise into compelling stories for the media and social media.

From the start, Cognito has been built on the assumption that finance is different. That’s why since 2000 we’ve consistently hired people with varied careers as financial journalists, bankers, FS marketing executives, advertising planners and social media strategists. That’s why we make all our staff undergo basic financial broker training as part of our development programs. That’s why our unique Cognito Analytics software is designed specifically for the financial services industry.

Our clients are varied, and our role can include outsourced marketing support, media relations, branding, social strategy or strategic advice and issues management. Whatever their differing needs, most clients would agree that part of what makes Cognito an effective partner for them is our specialization and our recognition that finance is different.


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