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Brown Public Relations
4480 General Degaulle Street New Orleans Louisiana United States 70174
769 218 8577
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Brown Public Relations LLC is an integrated public relations agency which provides clients across the Southeastern U.S. a well-rounded approach to connecting with the public. We take pride in partnering with clients and sharing their great stories with the world through public relations, marketing or advertising strategies.

We avoid “fussy” or “intrusive” communication tactics which too many times scream, “Hello world! I’m a clever marketing plan and I want to sell you something, but if you’re not interested, I’ll settle for your personal information!”

In fact, we believe less is more- just like your mom’s make-up advice to your sister. To go even further, we execute communications campaigns the same way carbon monoxide operates. You never know it’s there until – well— you get the point.

What we are trying to say is that Brown Public Relations has found its niche in executing strategic and proactive communications campaigns which, to the naked eye, are effortless, fluid – and won’t kill anyone.


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