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Blattel Communications
250 Montgomery Street, Suite 1200 San Francisco California United States 94104
415 397 4811
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Blattel Communications is a leader in PR and marketing for business-to-business professional service firms and the companies that target them. One of the first West Coast agencies to focus solely on this sector, we recognized early on the importance of building awareness for our clients and the contributions they make to their industries and communities.

This recognition led to our creating a well-defined and accessible thought leadership platform to showcase our clients’ intellectual capital and establish them as leading authorities in their industries and communities. We take full advantage of every tool and resource available – from new media to more traditional venues – to promote authentic, well-rounded profiles of our clients as industry luminaries and good corporate citizens.

Our thought leadership services:

  • Establishing and maintaining relationships between the media and our clients
  • Placing thought leaders in relevant articles
  • Creating and strategic placing of white papers, byline article and op-ed pieces
  • Securing editorial board appointments
  • Identifying and securing targeted speaking opportunities

Our efforts have garnered significant recognition for our clients and produced concrete business results. Additionally, Blattel Communications has received numerous awards for successful campaigns and projects, earning us long-standing client relationships that date back to our founding in 1990.

With senior professionals in San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York, we work with clients nationwide.


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