Agency Search Consulting & Agency Select, Online RFQs/RFPs

Agency Search Consulting by RFP Associates

For confidential or large-scale assignments where a company may not have the bandwidth or skillset to manage a search, we also offer agency consulting services through RFP Associates.  These include developing an agency shortlist, the development issuance and management of custom RFQs an RFPs, setting up finalist interviews, agency selection and onboarding. 


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Agency Select Online RFQ/RFPs - Beta

CommunicationsMatch’s Agency Select online RFQ (Request For Qualifications)/RFP (Request for Proposal) tool incorporates a decade of agency search experience from RFP Associates to streamline the process of selecting and hiring agencies. 

The Agency Select service incorporates two hours of agency search consulting with RFP Associates and provides access to our Agency Search Resource Center with videos, guidelines and research to support an effective search.     

The online RFQ and RFP tool uses a simple process: 

  • Following an agency search, click the “Send RFQ/RFP”
  • Complete the RFQ/RFP project overview.
  • Review our proprietary RFQ/RFP forms for agencies to complete and, if necessary, add additional questions.
  • Send the online form to selected agencies.
  • The agency receiving the RFQ or RFP request completes the form and submits it for review.
  • You will then be able to track, review and download the RFQ/RFP responses and select agencies for RFPs or final interviews

This time-saving online RFQ and RFP search tools and 2-hour agency search consulting package are available for an introductory price of $500 or $750 for a one-year subscription. 

Select this option once you have identified agencies in the CommunicationsMatch search tool. 

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Agency Search Resource Center

Our agency search resource center includes our Agency Search Guidelines eBook and series of 3-minute Agency Search Videos that addresses everything from Why Hire and Agency? to How to Onboard and Agency? and all the steps between.  It also includes our 2017 PR & Communications Agency Search Report.(Click here to download).




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