Public PR RFP Option - New Retirement Genius RFP

 A new tool has been added to CommunicationsMatch™ and our integrated partner search tools PRSA's Find a Firm and Capitol Communicator's Sourcebook: the ability to post and respond to a public RFP or RFQ. It will be launched later in January.    

Built into the existing Agency Select™ tools, clients can now not only send RFQs/RFPs confidentially to qualified agencies through the platform, but for specific assignments, post them to the new Public RFQ/RFP page.  

The online tools streamline the RFP process for clients and agencies and provide the information needed by communicators to determine if an assignment is a good fit. 

Retirement Genius RFP

Retirement Genius, which helps seniors and families navigate the complex world of retirement and long-term care, has already posted an RFP. It is looking to build on its well-established presence in trade, consumer media, radio and TV, as well as for digital marketing and social media support. With a budget of $10,000 - $15,000/month, they want to start work with a new agency at the end of January.

To respond to a public RFP or an RFP sent through the platform, agencies and professionals simply need to ensure their CommunicationsMatch™, Find a Firm, or Sourcebook profile is active. If your annual profile has expired, update it now (discounts available for members of partner organizations). Register to create a new profile here.

To view the Retirement Genius RFP click this link.  Watch this short explainer video on the public RFP option.



We expect the public RFQ/RFP option to be a popular addition to the existing tools, providing a valuable new source of business opportunities in 2023 and beyond.

If you have any questions, contact [email protected].


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