How Do Fortune 1,000 Companies Search For PR & Communications Agencies? Results of Agency Search & Hiring Survey Presented at IPR Bridge Conference

The interim results of a new survey of Fortune 1,000 companies and large not for profits was presented at The Institute for Public Relations Bridge Conference in Washington, D.C. on April 11. 

The results were  announced in a Press Release on the Agency Search & Hiring Survey.  

IPR Agency Search Presentation

Takeaways include:

  • The significant role of word of mouth and reliance of industry experience when selecting agencies
  • Companies are working with multiple agencies of different sizes
  • The majority are using RFPs, but many are not including key information agencies need to complete them
  • Key search priorities are an understanding of organization’s communications needs and the quality of strategic thinking, program ideas and recommendations
  • Satisfaction with the search process, but a recognition that in key areas search is falling short
  • The number of agencies included in initial searches is relatively small
  • Perspective from organizations that RFP responses are boilerplate and agencies upsell in hiring process
  • The keys to satisfaction include agency proactivity, effective account coordination, staff stability, meeting objectives, operating within budgets, and meeting deadlines.  

View the detailed interim agency search and hiring summary results and download the IPR presentation.

The final results and full agency search survey will be published in May. 

Survey Partners 

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