Digital Marketing in 2020: Insights from Serial Marketer David Berkowitz


In this Communicators-to-Communicators 3-minute video, digital marketing industry leader and principal of the Serial Marketer, David Berkowitz, discusses the importance of keeping goals in mind, asking "why?" to understand digital data, and the need to shift from scale for scale’s sake to reaching relevant audiences.

David Berkowitz Digital Marketing 

Berkowitz’s resume includes head of marketing and strategy roles at Storyhunter, Sysomos, and Publicis Groupe’s MRY. He’s often quoted in major media on marketing, and has contributed columns for Advertising Age, MediaPost, VentureBeat, Mashable, as well as Adweek. He is a regular industry speaker, an advisor to Fortune 500 companies, and a former editor at eMarketer. In short – he knows what he’s talking about.

In our conversation, he gets to the essence of digital marketing challenges and opportunities. The simple takeaways offer an opportunity for marketers and communicators to look in the mirror and ask key questions as we enter a new decade.


Always Remember What Your Goals Are 

This may sound simple but who has not, in the pursuit of the “shiny and new,” lost track of why you’re pursuing a specific strategy? Berkowitz underscores the importance of having the discipline to stay focused on goals and objectives when executing a marketing strategy.


Keep Asking Why Until You Are Satisfied

When it comes to digital data, Berkowitz notes that it offers unique insights, but these may be hidden in the layers of information provided. The key to insights and understanding is to keep asking "why?" until you are satisfied. 


Don’t pursue scale for scale’s sake – reach the right audiences

The lesson from the last decade of marketing that should inform the next decade is understanding that while the potential to achieve scale is unprecedented, marketers should not pursue scale for scale’s sake. Over the next decade, Berkowitz notes, companies need to focus on pursuing the right audiences. 

Watch the 3-minute interview with the Serial Marketer’s David Berkowitz 




In our conversation, we also discussed digital marketing lessons for startups and digital ethics, which will be covered in upcoming videos.

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