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CommunicationsMatch Provides a Crucial Solution to Comms Pros and Freelancers


Grow your business with CommunicationsMatch

When I decided to leave the corporate world after a couple of bad experiences and an overall disillusionment with cubicle life, I was an outlier. There was no real work-from-home movement, and there were few resources to help freelancers succeed. That I was able to make it work was part luck, part tenacity, and the sheer determination to never have to work for someone else again.

Sometimes lightning strikes, and we have the opportunity to work for clients we believe in that can also help grow our businesses. That's what happened with CommunicationsMatch™ - a client and a resource for freelancers as well as established firms like mine.


CommunicationsMatch™ Is Revolutionizing the Freelance Industry

Today’s freelancers and communications pros have a huge opportunity for visibility without wasting half their billable time hustling business and putting out time-consuming bids - and without having to share their profits! CommunicationsMatch was built by communicators for communicators. It’s designed to give PR professionals, communications pros, and freelancers – digital marketers, social media marketers, content pros, and more – a platform through which they can showcase their skills and fortes, targeting a growing number of companies that are looking for specific skillsets to help their businesses grow. This is a fundamental shift from paying to work to marketing skills. For freelancers, there are no commissions to pay when you’re found. You keep what you earn. For clients, searching is always free.

CommunicationsMatch Makes Growing Your Client Base Easier

The ROI of becoming a member on CommunicationsMatch is significant. For a small annual fee (less than a third of the monthly fee for a single small client), you get to build a comprehensive profile, which includes the ability to upload presentations, case studies, a video, and posts to the Insights Blog. Annual individual directory profiles (freelancers and consultants) start at $125. A comprehensive profile is $245. Do you still have to work for your business? Of course! But to have a platform dedicated to bringing business to you using their powerful behind-the-scenes search tool, a quick and easy way to respond to RFPs, and a way to showcase your skills is more than worth the small investment.

Now is a Fabulous Time to Freelance

Getting started as a freelancer back in 2007 meant bidding on projects through services that took 10-25% of everything I made. The first year I worked for myself, I made $1,200. Fifteen years later, my business has exploded, crossing the six-figure mark several years ago. Now that the Great Resignation has been sweeping the nation, I’ve been thrilled to see so many people realize their ability to work for themselves and experience the freedom I have had for the last 15 years. CommunicationsMatch can surely make it easier for you to find that success, and I have mad respect for Simon’s vision for what this company can do to transform the industry. If you’re interested in getting your services in front of hundreds of businesses, create a profile today. To learn more about DaSh factor, visit our CommunicationsMatch profile.

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