TV Interviews – Three Insider Tips You Probably Don't Share With Executives (Video)

Carmie McCook, a former TV journalist and now media and speaker trainer for executives, shares three specific insider tips on what not to do during an interview in this Communicators-to-Communicators Insights Video: TV Interview Tips From a Former TV Reporter: Carmie McCook.

In the video, she focuses on three important details that only an insider would think about:

  • Don’t call a reporter by their name. They may not be the person introducing the interview on the 5 o’clock news
  • Don’t respond to a question by saying “As I said before…” This makes the job of editing harder
  • Don’t look straight into the camera. Look at the journalist and engage in conversation

Watch the 2-minute video:

In previous Communicators-to-Communicators videos, McCook has provided big picture perspectives on what not to do in interviews (don’t pick a fight with reporters, don’t play the blame game, don’t lie), discussed how to prepare for interviews and plan for “Fake News.” 

Watch them here:

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