The Most Important Communications Trend in 2018 - The Decoding of Technology

In a new article for, I argue that we have spent two decades encoding the world that makes up today’s marketing and communications universe - and we're now beginning to decode it in ways that will change how we communicate.   

Click here to read the article:  Facebook & The Most Important Marketing Communications Trend in 2018 Decoding the Matrix.

The IT Revolution (such a quaint term now) will be seen as one of the most significant bursts of progress in the history of humanity.

And, clearly the revolution is not over.  Artificial Intelligence, the application of new technologies in health care, and the spread of mobile to corners of the world that were once technology deserts, will continue to weave people into the human-grown Matrix.


In the article I argue that "In the Matrix we are networked and connected through email, Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter," and that for "marketers and communicators, the rise of technology has created a plethora of digital opportunities and platforms to reach plugged in audiences."

This Matrix is now being decoded – by those within it - forcing companies to change strategies and approaches.  

I believe that we are at an inflection point.  Audiences are no longer digital virgins. What was obscured is now clearer.

In the article, I note that when the tools of propaganda are made transparent – think Russian fake news – the underpinnings of a system that allow this to happen start to crumble.  Facebook’s decision to change its algorithm is an evolutionary adaptation.

The more experience audiences have of technology-driven marketing and communications tools designed to engage them – the better they are at decoding and ignoring them.

How do we respond?  One way is to engage in a technology-driven arms race to find ever more sophisticated ways to capture audiences.  Some will be tempted to bend rules.  Acting with integrity will become ever more important – because the spotlight is focused on the industry and audiences increasingly know where to shine it.

The best strategy will be to stop and take a deep breath.  Basic "slow marketing and PR" strategies that engage cients and build relationships one at a time will prove their value.

As audiences decode the Matrix, companies, marketers and communicators will need think harder than ever about the paths they take in 2018.


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