The Future of Communications: Discovering the Angels in Our Machines Free Webcast: May 5th @ 2 pm ET

Larry Weber, Chairman and CEO of Racepoint Global, an independent communications agency, is hosting a webcast, “The Future of Communications: Discovering the Angels in Our Machines,” a conversation about society’s current role in the seventh wave of technology – one that marries humanity with technology.



This webcast will bring together thought-provoking speakers who are prepared to share their wisdom on the discussion of integrating humanity and the technologies that are shaping the human condition in this “new normal.”  As we continue to make leaps and bounds in the world of technology, as a society, we continue to crave honest and authentic storytelling in the midst of countless innovations, and that’s where earned media will be crowned champion. Despite the communications industry being dominated by advertising and paid media, earned media will lead the communications industry coming out of the pandemic, as companies and brands worldwide will seek to tell their stories on a global scale.

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