Mrs. Andrea Harrison

The Business Blog: An Important Ingredient for SEO and Branding Value

Most business leaders understand the importance of their internet presence to drive online awareness and engagement and, ultimately, lead to sales and profit.

However, many miss the mark when it comes to staying in front of their audience with regularity. Search engine algorithms are constantly shifting, thus new branding content must constantly be generated to keep up with the needs and wants of an ever-growing and ever-changing digital world.

Businesses are increasingly finding value in providing new and improved content to stay on their audience's radar. One of the most successful ways a business can keep itself top of mind with its followers is to compose a weekly or monthly blog.

A regularly updated blog has become a popular and productive approach which industry experts trust to influence buying decisions, and which consumers have come to expect to learn more about a company and its offerings. A blog is about spreading value by demonstrating over time that a company or industry can provide the kind of expertise consumers are looking for to relieve their pain points.

For more in depth information about the value of a business blog, please see my article, Why Create a Blog for Business.

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