Social Media at Bloomberg: How Social is Changing Journalism - Catherine Taibi, Social Media Editor (Video)

Catherine Taibi, Social Media Editor at Bloomberg, discusses the organization's approach to social media and its impact on its journalism in the latest in our series of "Communicators-to-Communicators (C2C) 3-Minute Insights Videos."  

She hiighlights the critical importance of accuracy to Bloomberg.  "We want to be first, but we have to be accurate." 

Noting the difference between Bloomberg's website and social media audiences, she discusses the challenge of taking website content and selling it in ways that reach a younger and wider audience through their social channels. 

Social media is now part of journalists' lives she says.  "It's a great way to find sources, interviewees and information on a subject, as well as build relationships with audiences."          

Taibi was interviewed by Simon Erskine Locke, CEO of CommunicationsMatch, at the CISION Social Journalism Livestream webinar organized with 



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