New Leadership Coaching and Development Service for PR, Corporate Communications and Agency Leaders

CommunicationsMatch announced today that has partnered with Ken Jacobs, ACC, CPC, to provide leadership coaching and development as a service to corporate and agency public relations, advertising, communications and marketing leaders and executives.   


Executive Coaching Public Relations

Jacobs’ industry experience, combined with the rigorous discipline of a professionally trained coach, helps executives strengthen their leadership skills, address blind spots, navigate through change, and meet and exceed their organizational, career, and personal goals. Using a six-step process customized for each client, coaching engagements empower leaders to realize their full potential and address issues that are getting in the way of their and their organization’s success.

Executive Coaching Six Step Process

“Ken is uniquely qualified to help C-suite executives, their next tier leaders and team members achieve ambitious goals by become more motivating, inspiring, and effective leaders,” said Simon Erskine Locke, founder & CEO of CommunicationsMatch. “We’re delighted to partner with him and look forward to establishing additional relationships with exceptional service and technology providers to the communications industry.”    

The new service is offered through a new Coaching & Development page on CommunicationsMatch. In a new “Communicators-to-Communicators” 3-Minute Insights Video interview, Jacobs outlines why he became a coach, the coaching process, and potential outcomes of an executive coaching engagement. 




“Many industry executives are promoted into positions of leadership because of their track record in public relations, communications, client service, and business-building,” said Jacobs. “Issues related to leadership can have a significant impact on the ability to attract and retain talent. In addition to helping leaders realize their ambitions, coaching has a key role to play in an agency or corporate communications department’s success.”           

Find out more about coaching for public relations and corporate communications leaders and set up a complimentary session with Jacobs to discuss your or your organization’s goals. 

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