How Social Media Affects SEO

Social media has become an integral part of our lives. Today it’s hard to find a person who is not active on social media and it’s even harder to find someone who can live without it. Holding this much importance, it is no surprise that the fate of a site or a page also depends on social media. If not directly, then indirectly it affects the chances of a business’ success. Even the top 10 SEO firms believes in the fact, that social media presence and popularity has a great impact on SEO.

In this post we will see how social media affects SEO and thereby, affects the search engine ranking of a site or a page.

Fame matters!

Your social media presence and popularity has a great role to play. Although it does not affect your ranking directly, it gives an impression of the credibility of your content. If your social media profile is popular among the crowd, then you have a great chance that people would visit your website.

Links through social media are important.

Links present on your social media accounts, directing the users to the website, are considered the equivalent to backlinks. Though experts believe that these links do not affect the ranking of a website, they do say that these links are responsible for driving a good number of users to the corresponding website, therefore, making an impact on the ranking of your page or site.

Social media is no less than a search engine.

Google is still the undisputed king of the Internet world when it comes to providing the best search results to its users but, with people spending a majority of their time on various social media platforms, it will not be wrong to say that it has become a secondary search engine. Again, the search engine doesn’t take the search records over the social media platforms into account while ranking a site, but it is a clear message that it will be very soon when social media will be considered as a mini search engine.

Your social media profile boosts your ranking.

Webmasters all over the world are working hard to get their sites to the top of the search result. Having your page or the site on the top of the search result guarantees you good traffic rush. The good news is that once your business’s social profile gets famous among the crowd it will be shown on the top of the search results. That means it will boost the company’s pagerank. It has been seen many times that when searched for a company’s website, their social media profiles on various platforms show up. This strengthens the fact that your social media profile boosts your website’s ranking

With this we come to the conclusion that, although social media does not affect the ranking of a website, its importance cannot be overlooked. The trends of the internet world keep on changing and it is always recommended to be few steps ahead, to always be in the lead. Big shots, in their respective fields, have already seen it coming and they have already included the social media in their arsenal! Best SEO companies all over the world are helping small businesses and the beginners in developing a good social media presence so as to influence the world with their success.

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