Growing your Agency with Email Marketing Automation Services


With an ROI that outperforms any other marketing channel, and growing adoption across every sector, selling easy-to-use email marketing automation software to your clients could be a surefire way to grow your agency.


According to a 2015 report by VB Insight, only 5% of businesses are currently using marketing automation, yet those that do are generating outstanding leads, conversions and revenue. There are a number of common reasons why companies are yet to introduce email marketing automation to their businesses, ranging from lack of in-house knowledge and confusion over vendor selection, right through to budget and time constraints.

All of these hurdles are simple to overcome with the right piece of technology and the right people to recommend it. And that’s where you come in.

Cost-effective and delivers ROI quickly

As we know, email is the veteran among the digital marketing channels but there are good reasons why its popularity hasn’t waned. Thanks to constantly-evolving technology like dotmailer, it’s easier than ever to create, test and send marketing emails – whether orchestrated by in-house teams or as part of an agency service. This makes it extremely cost-effective compared to other marketing channels, such as Facebook advertising and PPC.

Email also drives outstanding return on investment – VB Insight’s report found that 80% of marketing automation users saw their number of leads increase, and 77% saw the number of conversions increase. The fact that it’s straightforward to measure ROI and prove the value of email within almost any business makes it an easy sell for you. We all know that if you can start demonstrating amazing results in just a few days or weeks, your clients will become happier and, more importantly, stickier.

Ties channels together

In this multichannel, always-on age, brands need to be where their customers are to ensure they’re delivering the experience they expect. That puts pressure on any business, as being across all the necessary platforms can be time- and resource-consuming. That’s where automation can help.

Email is at the core of marketing automation, because it’s the glue that binds the other marketing channels together and has the ability to deliver personalized mass communications at scale. Of course, dotmailer also provides the flexibility to extend its automation tool with a selection of channel extensions, such as SMS notifications or the ability instruct your printers to send a brochure.

We believe marketers should have the flexibility to choose the technologies that suit their business, and not be stuck with the ones that don’t. The dotmailer platform offers companies the opportunity to take a phased approach, which saves SMEs from ripping everything out and replacing their setup with an expensive, all-in-one marketing cloud.

We’re also a Magento Premier partner because we offer the most feature-richMagento extension for email in the market, which offers seamless connectivity and is Magento 2-ready. There are also our Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforceconnectors, offering a similar experience.

Why is dotmailer the real deal?

First, we offer a competitive US Partner Program for agencies wanting to resell our product or even use it to execute clients’ campaigns as a service. That includes commission of up to 20%.

dotmailer isn’t just an email marketing automation platform. With every license you get a whole package of extra tools, including landing pages and surveys & forms – so you can deliver more revenue-driving services without additional costs to you.

As a dotmailer reseller, we also give you the chance to work on and deliver the email marketing strategy, which increases your services and offerings.

For you and your clients, the opportunity that the dotmailer platform and email marketing automation presents as a whole is undeniable. To find out more about our US Partner Program and to get in touch, visit our US Partner page.

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