Five Reasons to Be Scared This Halloween: New CommPRO Article

In a new article for, "The Real Reasons to be Scared This Halloween," I highlight five scary things we need to stay focused on as we chow down candy corn.  


Reasons to be Scared this Halloween


What happens in Congress, progress with Climate initiatives, the risk of a market Correction, the impact of China's political and military aggressiveness, the long-term consequences of COVID-19 and whether we have learned from our pandemic experience, are big issues to watch out for.   

Halloween is the least scary thing we need to worry about. 

"While we must not be driven by fear (even on All Hallows’ Eve), recognizing what we should fear is a basis for choices we make, the stands we take, the advice we may give, and a path to navigate through the potential for shocks ahead."             

We are not out of the woods.       


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