CommunicationsMatch™ Announces Partnership With the Marketing IMPACT Council™

CommunicationsMatch™ and the Marketing IMPACT Council™ have formed a partnership to help companies search for and engage high impact marketing agencies and consultants through the CommunicationsMatch agency search platform. The partnership was announced at the C-Suite Network™ Capital Summit in San Francisco.   


Members of the Marketing IMPACT Council will have the opportunity to create comprehensive profiles on CommunicationsMatch to generate new business leads, while those members seeking agencies and consultants for their business will be able to use the platform to identify resources with the best industry expertise and skillsets for their needs. In addition, members will receive special pricing for CommunicationsMatch’s expanding range of RFP tools, opinion surveys, and other services.  

“The Marketing IMPACT Council brings together all leaders, including CEOs, COOs, CMOs, CIOs, CTOs, CFOs, and all other stakeholders to maximize the overall impact of marketing initiatives – along with a trademarked approach we call ‘Big M’ Marketing,” said John Greco, founder and chair of the Marketing IMPACT Council, who will serve as a senior executive advisor to CommunicationsMatch.

“I am delighted to be working with CommunicationsMatch to help connect business leaders with Council members who share our big picture, sustainable, customer-focused approach to marketing that includes everything from overall business strategy to execution, and is applicable to all sectors.”          

The partnership will create visibility for Council member agencies, consultants, and freelancers on the CommunicationsMatch platform with the thousands of companies seeking communications and marketing partners. It will also provide additional visibility and access to resources for all members of the C-Suite Network, adding to their already extensive member community. 

The more than 5,000 agencies and professionals with profiles on CommunicationsMatch will have exposure to the Council’s growing network of partners, plus access to value-added content and events. They will also be able to join the Marketing IMPACT Council at special membership rates for access to all Council benefits – unique content, education/professional development opportunities, certification/accreditation, events, and an array of other member benefits, including those available through the Council’s partnership with the C-Suite Network.

“This relationship is a direct outcome of our membership in The Hero Club, a C-Suite Network entity, a rapidly growing network of mission-driven CEOs, founders, and investors,” said Simon Erskine Locke, founder & CEO of CommunicationsMatch. “We look forward to benefiting from John’s experience as a business leader who has spent his career at the intersection of marketing and technology. He will play a key role in shaping the platform and new initiatives.”

Watch a short video interview with John Greco discussing the Marketing IMPACT Council partnership with CommunicationsMatch.


About John Greco

John Greco is co-founder, chairman and CEO of Greco Enterprises, LLC, which includes Greco Associates and the Marketing IMPACT Council. Greco Associates is a strategic business advisor and an integrated solutions provider. John was previously CEO of the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) and the Yellow Pages Publishers (now Local Search) Association. He also led AT&T Bell Laboratories’ Consumer Lab/Marketing Sciences Center of Excellence and held various other executive positions at AT&T, RR Donnelley, and RCA. John served on the boards of the Ad Council, Advertising Week, the Council of BBB National Advertising Review Council (NARC), the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Association Committee of 100, and many other boards and advisory boards. He has an MBA from Columbia University and a BSEE from Monmouth University.  


About CommunicationsMatch

CommunicationsMatch offers PR, communications, marketing and investor relations agency, consultant and freelancer search, search consulting, next-day PR opinion surveys, programmer and developer search and agency promotion services and tools. With more than 5,000 agencies and individuals on the platform, CommunicationsMatch helps companies find, shortlist, and engage communications, marketing, digital and branding agencies, consultants and freelancers by industry sector, communications expertise, location, size, designation, keywords and diversity. The company has established partnerships with companies and organizations, including the National Black Public Relations Society, its New York affiliate, and the Hispanic Public Relations Association.


About the Marketing IMPACT Council

The Marketing IMPACT Council fills critical gaps and provides the opportunity, forum, and structure for executives and their teams to “connect the dots,” break down silos, and better understand, leverage, and maximize the impact of the continuously evolving and expanding suite of marketing resources in the overall strategic positioning of their for-profit and nonprofit organizations. It is a new model of engagement with a focus on “Big M” Marketing™. “Big M” Marketing involves everyone in the C-suite and other positions who are significant stakeholders in their organization’s marketing processes. It covers everything from the highest level of business strategy to all aspects of execution. It is channel agnostic, technology neutral, and data driven. Charter members include Advertising Week, the American Red Cross, and the DRUM Agency, among others.


About C-Suite Network

C-Suite Network is the world’s most trusted network of C-Suite leaders, with a focus on providing growth, development and networking opportunities for business executives with titles of vice president and above. The C-Suite Network’s mission is to provide a peer community, networking events, relevant content and services to support c-level executives and other entrepreneurs achieve professional success.

C-Suite Network offers invitation-only events as well as custom-tailored content through all its entities: C-Suite TV, C-Suite Radio, C-Suite Book Club, and C-Suite Network Advisors™. Learn more at, or connect on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

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