Girlpower Marketing

Boomer Women: The Invisible Goldmine

Madonna. Meryl. Ellen. Oprah. All boomer women.
Not exactly the clichéd stereotype of grandma using a walker to get from one room to another.
Boomers represent nearly 40 precent of the U.S. population and control 70 percent of all disposable cash.  Women Boomers, in particular, represent a huge opportunity based on their significant spending power: 
  • As a whole, women 50+ have a combined net worth of $19 trillion
  • Women boomers spend, on average, 250 percent of what the general population spends annually
  • They influence 85 percent of household purchase decisions
  • These empty nesters are now the biggest consumers of luxury, security and convenience items in the country
With boomer women controlling much of the nation's discretionary income and wealth, why are marketers ignoring this vibrant and lucrative market?
"Boomer Women: The Invisible Goldmine" discusses the importance of this demographic including results of a recent survey and tips on successfully connecting with these power consumers.  

Download the White Paper.

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