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Simon Locke
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Founder & CEO
1441 Broadway, Suite 3010 new york New York United States 10018
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Location: 1441 Broadway, Suite 3010 new york 10018
Tel: +1(917)359-6969
Mobile: +1(917)359-6969

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CommunicationsMatch is a powerful new search engine designed to connect companies with communications professionals.  

By making it easy to search for communications agencies and professionals by name, industry sector, communications expertise, location, size, key words and clients, CommunicationsMatch enables businesses to find service providers with precisely the capabilities they need.

Able to create detailed profiles, agencies and individuals can add key word search terms, bios, client experience, thought leadership and capabilities presentations to ensure companies looking for firms that match their search profile have the information they need to take the next step and reach out. 

We currently have around 4,600 companies and individuals in our database - a number growing every day.  Over the rest of the year, we will be adding communications firms in international markets, starting with the U.K.  By year-end, we expect to have more than 6,000 companies and individuals in our database, positioning CommunicationsMatch as the go-to resource for businesses seeking communications services providers.   


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