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Location: 46 Rodney Street 1206 L1 9AA
Tel: 0151 706 9966

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Kenyons is a family of specialist strategic and creative divisions that work independently or together to deliver commercial goals, behaviour changes or call to action responses.

Precious insights into audiences - motivations, lifestyle, media use, perceptions and behaviours – are mined to unearth those golden nuggets to move people. Our business, consumer, social and digital marketing and social media strategies are cutting edge, powered by the art of the possible – and that means our clients’ creative solutions are too - content, advertising, design, print, PR, media planning, research and insight. And, thanks to clever thinking, our traditional social and digital marketing, and social media content delivers powerful results. We work alongside companies’ boards and public sector leaders providing strategic consultancy and in partnership with marketing and communications managers on tactical delivery.


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