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Juliet Carey
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Group Director
9 Staple Inn Buildings London United Kingdom WC1V 7QH
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Location: 9 Staple Inn Buildings 348 WC1V 7QH

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The heat is on. You may be a law firm looking to differentiate and grow your brand. Or a litigant (or their lawyer) in a high-profile litigation or addressing a reputational threat. Byfield has worked with many of the leading law firms and alongside individuals and legal teams on some of the most pressurised cases of recent years. That experience is at your service. 

At Byfield, our core competence is the ability to shape the opinions that shape your reputation. If these opinions arise out of ignorance, we will inform; if from prejudice, we bring balance; if through hysteria, we bring calm; if through fear, we bring reassurance. And we do this through using the power of narrative to shape beliefs, behaviours and events.

At the heart of narrative is content. If narrative is the outward form that your story takes when you engage with your stakeholders, then content is the skeleton that supports it. Building the strategy that develops a powerful narrative, then generating the content that will ultimately re-shape the opinions that determine the health of your reputation is at the heart of what we do.



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