Next Day Crisis & Opinion Research

Managing a crisis?  Need next day research?  We have the answer.  

CommunicationsMatch has partnered with Researchscape, one of the communications’ industry’s leading research services providers, to offer a next day crisis and opinion research service.   

Survey options include:

  • 10-question survey of 500 respondents representing the general population for $3,995
  • Up to 20-question survey of 1,000 for $6,495

Researchscape uses quota sampling with 32 mutually exclusive subgroups of region, gender, and age to closely match the overall demographics of United States adults aged 18 to 80 years old.

Researchscape’s survey experts work with clients to develop questionnaires, field the survey and cleanse the data. 

Within 24 hours of approving the questionnaire, an automatically generated PowerPoint presentation, Word report and Excel file with results will be shared. 

Looking for custom research or need to survey specific audiences?  Researchscape offers a range of opinion survey options.

Click here to get started.  Watch the video for more information.



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