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White Good
226 North Arch Street Lancaster Pennsylvania United States 17603
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On October 1, 1981, Anne White started White Good in her Mt. Gretna, PA home. Bob Good joined her in November, 1981. From there the two moved around from Mt. Gretna to Lebanon and eventually New York. The idea was simple: Represent brands who share our passion for architecture and design. Today, that idea maintains the mission for White Good. It was in May 1999 when Sherry Qualls acquired the agency and moved it to downtown Lancaster, PA in July 1999. After moving around the downtown locale, we’ve found our home on Arch Street. And today, you can find White Good in the DePaul Arts Building, located right in the heart of downtown Lancaster, PA. Don’t let our location fool you. While we live and work in Lancaster, we’ve all traveled the globe personally exploring our own passion for travel, arts and culture. You can also find at least one of us trekking around Manhattan on a weekly basis meeting with media, clients and members of the Architect and Designer Community


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