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268 Bush Street #4203 San Francisco California United States 94104
1 415 397 7600
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UPRAISE is a marketing and public relations firm driven to help companies in five core areas; media relations, content marketing, social media, events and speaking and graphics and video.

Many companies hired us to earn great media coverage – only to realize that the great coverage we secure drove people to a weak website. Others hired us to raise the personal brands of their CEOs through speaking and content development – and then discovered that their brand and product message wasn’t clear. You get the picture.

We work with a lot of emerging tech companies, like SkyCross, which is developing mobile device solutions that will increase speeds more than three times. UPRAISE is also helping companies in the food and beverage space, such as CCD Innovation, which helps food and beverage companies, and restaurants uncover the newest trends and develop new food and beverage products.



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