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For more than 20 years, DDC has been helping clients navigate complex legislative, regulatory and policy issues that reshape conversations, sway public opinion and affect the political landscape. But what really sets us apart is how we’re able to bring it all to life—through a unique focus on storytelling, engaging communications and cutting-edge technology that helps your advocates speak up quickly on your behalf.

DDC Public Affairs builds communities of advocates that impact policy and win campaigns. Our leadership is a collective team of industry experts who structure advocacy programs that build, mobilize and maintain the most influential communities, regardless of issue.

Leveraging deep industry expertise, we provide corporate, trade association and nonprofit clients with a unique combination of innovative and interactive technologies, strategic program development, communications and implementation. DDC Public Affairs pioneered, and continues to deliver, the most innovative uses of emerging technologies for the public affairs industry.

DDC Public Affairs provides much more than the sum of our services. We bring a strategic and comprehensive approach to each client’s specific needs. We currently work with 12 of the Fortune 15, 26 of the nation’s leading 50 PACs, and 15 of the Power Top 20 trade associations.


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