Search for PR & Communications Agencies By Size

Search for PR & Communications Agencies By Size

Companies can find PR agencies and communications resources by size using CommunicationsMatch.  Search for PR agencies and consultants that match your needs and budget with specific industry and communications skillsets worldwide. 

Click here to search for boutique agencies with 2-10 employees with expertise in product launches.  Refine your search by industry and specific areas of communications expertise as well as location.  Visit the main search page to find large, medium, boutique firms and consultants.   Shortlist those that best match your needs.

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It takes only a few minutes to list on CommunicationsMatch to be searchable by industry and communications areas of expertise, location and more. Listed firms benefit from visibility with decision makers on CommunicationsMatch and its social media channels, as well as through partner CommPRO’s Executive Briefing email to 170,000 subscribers, audience of 3 million through news apps and 400,000 monthly visitors around the world through online syndication.

Once you’ve completed your listing, select a plan that’s right for you. Find out more about our plans