High Converting Videos

Why do you need an Explainer Video?

No matter what type of business you are running. These days if you are running traffic to your website or landing page then an explainer video is an essential part of your online marketing strategy. It’s been shown that a great explainer video can make even more difference to your conversion rates than the quality of your website. Shocking, i know! Let’s get stuck in:
#1 Increase in conversions 
Studies have shown over and over again the huge difference having an explainer video can make to your conversion rates. And let’s face it, why are we doing internet marketing in the first place ? To make more sales. We want to make as many sales as possible, and we want to make our marketing as efficient as possible so our cost of getting new clients is as low as possible. If you are already getting a good amount of quality traffic to your website, the answer is to increase your conversion rates in every possible way. Animated explainer videos allow you to make a one time investment from an explainer video company that gets you more sales over and over again. The ultimate marketing investment.
#2 It makes your traffic go further
Spending a load of money on SEO, Adwords, Facebook ads and Email Marketing? With more and more people setting up companies online, high quality traffic is no longer cheap. It is important to get as much as possible out of the traffic you’re running to your website. More sales from less traffic means less money out, and more money in. Sounds good to me!
#3 Increases SEO ranking
Your SEO ranking is based on a number of factors. Companies spend thousands on increasing their SEO rankings to get more natural traffic. One of the factors that determines your rank is how easily your website answers the question that the searcher is looking for. This means that your website needs to convey message of your company, the products you sell and help the customer quickly and simply find what they are looking for. There is no better way to do this than a quick 2 minute explainer video, and it has been proven here. People don’t have time to click around your website, reading paragraph after paragraph of text, so they simply don’t do it and therefore they don’t find what they’re looking for. You want them to find what they’re looking for, right? Of course you do, not only because it increases SEO ranking, but because what they are looking for is your product! Just another reason to get in contact with an animation production company.
#4 A Video Engages
With attention spans getting shorter - humans: 8 seconds; goldfish: 9 seconds - you need to grab a viewers attention quickly and hold it. What is the most interesting and engaging media platform we have available to us at this current point in technological evolution? Nope, it’s not holograms yet, it’s video!
#5 We all like a story
In an explainer video you can tell a story to your customer. You can base the characters and story around them and their problem, allowing them to identify themselves as the character and see the process they would go through to solve their problem. Mentally going through the solving of their problem as if it was them already provides them with the good feelings of having that issue lifted from their shoulders. Psychology and marketing at its best !
#6 Reduce your bounce rate
Keeping people longer on your site allows you to keep them for long enough to explain your product and lead them towards your call to action: be it making a purchase, signing up for a demo or simply contacting you.
#7 Create an emotional connection
Text can only convey information. Speech from a voiceover makes the audience feel like they are speaking to a real person from the company. Trust, emotional connection and positive feelings towards your company are great for sales.
#8 You are remembered
Your potential buyers are shopping around. Stand out from your all-text competitors with an animated explainer video.
Thanks for reading and as always.. Until next time !


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