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Yoram Dembinsky
Job Title:
CEO and Partner
58 Harakevet St Tel Aviv Israel 6777016
+972 3 6231111
Company information
Location: 58 Harakevet St 1178 6777016
Tel: +972 3 6231111

About Company

JWT Israel is one of the leading Israeli marketing communication companies, with over 25 years of successful activity.

Our firm has in-house integrated services for a full package of professional know-how in ATL, BTL and digital.

Our innovative digital arm serves customers in unique ways, implementing cutting-edge technological applications into brands' lives to generate true strategic value.The office is led by a young and dynamic management team, whose members have been part of Israel's central marketing campaigns over the past years.

Clients past & present: Orange, Better Place, Electra, Harel , Materna, Trident, Jacobs, Bayer, Nokia, Electra bar, Miele, Sauter, Tiny Love, MSD, Ace.


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