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Location: Roppongi Yamada Building 1st Floor, 3-5-27 Roppongi, Minato-ku 1174 106-0032
Tel: 81 (3) 5545-1661
Fax: 81 (3) 5545-1662



Born in Osaka, Tamaki graduated from the Faculty of Letters in the Department of English at Doshisha University. During his University career, Tamaki, influenced by Mr. Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin Group, founded the University student paper and began interviewing CEO`s of prestigious companies. In 1999, Tamaki began his career participating in the launch of a venture business. The economic bubble burst driving the business into bankruptcy and saddled him with debt. Overcoming this obstacle, Tamaki climbed out of debt and began writing articles for various magazines, planned TV programs and events while also functioning as an outside director at a venture marketing company. In 2003, Tamaki established the company Communication Design which provides services from PR to production and produces promoting packages for clients. His books include “The way to manage strategic PR” (PHP publishing), “Influential Power” (DIAMOND, Inc), “Why only certain products make big hits”, “Free PR Methodology through Press” (Shouei, Inc.) and “The First Press Leveraging Methodology for Small Businesses” (Seiwakai Press, Inc.) Tamaki has been an adjunct instructor at Meiji and Tamagawa Universities since 2004 as well as a special researcher for an Information Communication Academy. Currently, Tamaki, CEO of Communication Design, oversees all management activities and assists Japanese companies in introducing effective PR strategies to the market.


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